Day +150, Final Result

Some of you asked me to post pictures of the final result. I gladly do so in this post. I should note though that I’ve been the same for the last two months at least, so the look you see now was achieved very fast. So, here is the post with BEFORE/AFTER pictures. Flaccid…

… and erect (for comparison):

On erect pictures I tried to pull my foreskin as far back as possible. Also, I would like to remind everyone that I am naturally strongly curved down. This has nothing to do with the tight foreskin. Overall, I am very satisfied with the result. I guess the main thing is the fact that I do not think about my foreskin anymore. Sex is back to being very enjoyable the way it was before problems with the foreskin started. I wish good luck to everyone who decided to do the procedure. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have and would also like to hear your story! Thank you for reading the blog.

77 thoughts on “Day +150, Final Result

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m due to have a preputioplasty and frenuloplasty on Monday and your site has really helped me. Thank you so much!

  2. Ben says:

    Hi dude, your blog was a partial inspiration to me in deciding to have a preputioplasty – kudos on writing it and congrats on the success. I had the same procedure done 8 days ago with two incisions. Sadly my healing process hasn’t been the same as yours.

    The site of the surgery has been sore ever since the surgery; I’ve had a few drops of blood every day since and it has been painful to walk around. The doctor told me to clean the wound twice a day, pulling the foreskin back to do it. A few days ago I was literally screaming trying to pull it back, but the urologist said I needed to keep the foreskin mobile during the healing, so I did it anyway.

    It has been painful to wear clothes and walk around, so although I’ve been going to work since 2 days after the operation it has been tough going. It’s kind of a delicate subject so I didn’t tell anyone at work that I’d had it done, but it hasn’t been easy to act normally, particularly when sitting down or standing up. I work in an office though, so it’s been bearable.

    Thankfully things are starting to improve – I was able to masturbate for the first time yesterday evening, although it hurt a fair bit afterwards. I really want to be doing things and interacting socially again but for the moment I’m pretty nervous.

    Do my question: how much pain did you have at the site of the cut? I guess I have it worse, plus i had two incisions and three sets of stiches but… Maybe I’m just unlucky. I’m 29, maybe I don’t heal as fast as I used to…

  3. James says:

    Do you have less tightness now than 2 weeks after the operation? When did you notice a change in tightness?

  4. Malcite says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I have been looking around the internet quite a bit myself and usually i find much information regardless what i search for but this one was tricky.

    Currently i am not doing anything about my tightness because unlike what i read here, mine isn’t quite so severe. However i can’t pull back the foreskin manually as i can only seem to get about 1/3 down the head before it starts to be a little painful, however when i have sex it comes back on its own without any pain. I can however not even have it pulled back for even shorter amounts of time as it will become painful which is why i am still contemplating having the surgery done, but as of yet ill hold on the doctors appointments till i am sure.

    But i am positive that if i do decide to do it, i think i will have it done like you with both frenuloplasty and prepuceplasty. I know my frenulum is extremely short and as for my foreskin, i know i can’t pull it back manually which i know isn’t right. I have been training it and it has had some effect and i have tried steroidcream which did nothing but leave an extra tender spot of skin and made the foreskin dry up rather fast. Regular training has however had some effects and sex generally is ok if i am a careful. I just wish to make it so i can be a bit rougher without the risk as i wish to be a flexible lover.

  5. drew says:

    thank you for sharing your story! I have a doctors visit for my own tight foreskin and am hoping I’ll get the same diagnosis/results you had.

  6. anxious says:

    Thanks for the info on your blog.
    I might be undergoing a preputioplasty soon, the urologist told me I might need to get 3-5 tests done before, for example a blood sugar test.
    Just wanted to know if you had to do any testing prior to the surgery.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Thanks for your blog, it’s actually one of the very few direct sources available on the web about preputioplasty. I’m seriously considering to have it performed on me. I had a frenuloplasty two years ago, it improved my situation but i still have some pain while my penis is erected if I try to uncover the glans because of my tight foreskin. This has caused some problems, little ones to be honest, while having sexual intercourses, mostly pshychological ones. It isn’t penalizing at all, I can have sex with no worries, but still it feels like i can’t enjoy full “maneuverability” with it, if you know what I mean!
    I still have some doubts though, mainly regarding these two aspects:

    1) any problem with glans sensitivity when the penis is flaccid? From your pictures It looks like the head of it is going to be more in direct contact with underwear after the preputioplasty, I’m concerned about possible irritations, since mine has always been completely covered. Or is it just an impression and it is exactly like before when flaccid, meaning that you can only feel the difference when erect?
    This is the main reason why I’m never going to have circumcision, I guess.

    2) this is way less serious, but well, what do you think about any possible aesthetic problems? It feels like you’re pretty satisfied with this aspect too.

    Thanks in advance, Stef.

    • Stef,

      I am glad you found my blog helpful. Here are my answers to your questions:
      1) I had absolutely NO changes in sensitivities. This is partly because no foreskin is removed. It is rather ‘rearranged.’ Therefore, when flaccid, the gland is still covered in my case.
      2) At first I was afraid of the scar or the uneven shape of the foreskin. The scar is minimal (much less than the ones from circumcision, and no one minds those!); and the unevens goes away with months.

      Hope this helps,
      Good luck.
      P.S. I absolutely do NOT regret about having done the procedure.

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks for the reply!

        I had my preputioplasty yesterday, although I had it with z-plasty, which I guess is different form the dorsal slit.

        For the moment, after no more than one day and a half, I’m just noticing that the area is swollen, and it isn’t very attractive to see, but I’m confident it will get better as soon as the stitches will be dissolved (one is already gone).

        To be honest, the most annoying thing to look at right now is the huge bruise caused by the injection on the foreskin. It seems like a black eye!

        For the rest, almost no pain and just a little drop of blood sometimes.

        Thanks again,


  8. Mike says:

    Hi there, sorry I could’t find your name or maybe you left it out for personal reasons which is totally understandable. I was wondering whether you could spare the time to read my message and offer some advice/information?

    My name is Mike and about a year and a half ago I tore my frenulum having sex with my girlfriend. For about 6 months it was fine and I rather enjoyed having more of my foreskin exposed during sex. However, a phimotic ring began to develop slowly.
    It is now at a very similar stage to what your condition was except the ring only circles round half way – from the frenulum to the part of your glans facing you. It has stopped there though I believe it may continue to progress if the foreskin suffers any further trauma during sex etc.

    I tried stretching etc and have experienced recurring scars. Therefore I am seriously considering a preputioplasty.

    My question to you is whether you are from the UK/whether this surgery was done in the UK and whether you are in a position to pass on the contact details of the doctor that performed your surgery? And I was also wondering whether you may have any advice for what to avoid, or what can help as I am currently in Malaysia and will be back in the UK hopefully by the summer time (in about 6 months).

    Finally, I want to thank you for posting this blog. I too have had so much trouble trying to find anything useful on the net in regards to this problem. And since I am abroad, consulting a urologist, especially in a Muslim country (circumcision pro), makes me a little apprehensive.

    I look forward to your response.


    Ps. feel free to email me on my personal email address

  9. Taylor says:

    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, im 16 so dont know much about all of this technical talk but the part of skin which attaches my head to the foreskin seems to be restricting me to retract my foreskin more than half way down my penis before it gets tight just like yours but the more i think about it the more i get worried because im afraid that if pull too hard during masturbation it may tear the skin and im very shy when it comes to my genitalia so i would rather not have to talk to my parents or a doctor about it so i was wondering if there was anything i could do myself to help loosen the foreskin or if it is just due to the skin which attaches the head and foreskin and whether something needs to be done about that instead.
    And i would like to thank you for this blog because it has been the only useful site i have found on the internet regarding this problem. hope to hear from anyone who thinks they have any suggestions on what they think i should do (but not circumcision).
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Rochelle says:

    Omg! I got alot of info from u. MY HUSBAND has the same problem. Its so bad the tip doesn’t come out at all. Been resulting on his problem 4 a while. When I found this page omg! Exactly the same problem as u. I don’t know what to do!!

  11. worldlypatriotusaveteran says:

    Preputioplasty: Thanks a million for your blog. Incredibly important!

    QUESTION: I’m living in Asia. Does anyone know of any doctor(s) who has significant experience in performing preputioplasty in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, or mainland China (not Taiwan)?

    Any and all comments / assistance are appreciated.



    NOTE: I’m reluctant to return to the USA to have this procedure, but I will, if I have to. It’s not my preferred option, especially when I’m near-certain there are Asian medical doctors available. THANKS!

  12. Simon says:

    Going in for a Preputioplasty, although my doctors have been very good I always feel like I am being a pest asking questions about the procedure. So glad I found your sight answer lot of queries I had. Thanks

  13. george says:

    Man is there a chance I can contact you in a more private way? Need some help and I think you can help, thanks in advance.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your blog. I found it very helpful. I have decided on going through the procedure and am currently in the process of deciding on the date for the surgery. I am training for a relatively arduous trek in 2 months time so my options are to (i) either go through the procedure right now; or (ii) to do it after my trek.

    I was wondering how long after the procedure you felt in a position to exercise (run / go to the gym etc.). If its much longer than a week, I’m inclined to postpone the procedure for when I’m back.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Anonymous says:


    Just one question. How much pain it might cause during the procedure if I opt for local anesthesia. I’ll have to undergo the procedure in a week and i’m a bit worried as the doctor told me that he would go for local rather than a full anesthesia. I’m 30 years old.


    • I do not know, because I had the general one. But I would not expect doctors to put you though pain at all. Good luck (if not yet) OR How did it go (if you have had the procedure already)?

  16. crm says:

    Okay, so, this has been extremely helpful in research on a big problem. It isn’t myself who is having the issue but it is my longterm boyfriend. Basically what i have gathered from viewing it and what he has described in detail is that when he becomes fully erect the skin near (if not, itself) the frenulum is tearing and bleeding because of the tear. It has happened four times. After begging him to talk to his doctor he finally did, however the doctor just said to be gentler and buy some lube before we are to do anything, full sex or not as it is just painful when fully erected. Well that seemed incrediby rediculous for what was happening and so we’ve both become extremely gentle with it and im 99.9% it has nothing to do with lubrication as it has happened both while completely dry and not. It was extremly scary the first time it happened. Well, so neither ofus can find anything on what is happening.. But my guess is that his frenulum is extremely tight because while erect the foreskin cannot go past right under the head. The first time and this last ime it happened, he had a big adrenaline rush right before it happens, making the bleeding even worse.

    • crm says:

      If anyone has any input that would be great, and extremly helpful, however he cannot talk to his doctor in the next two weeks as he is out of state for christmas.

      • worldlypatriotusaveteran says:

        It is my experience that many doctors, especially primary-care or family physicians, are simply uninformed about the problem, or they provide only one alternative solution, which is circumcision.

        SUGGESTION: You must find someone, perhaps a plastic surgeon, who will be more sensitive to the issue, and/or will refer you to a colleague who is knowledgeable. Your search may take you far away from your home. You must take a copy of this discussion, along with the images, to the appointment.

        I know this may sound harsh, but a medical degree, and a medical license to practice medicine, does not insure competence and knowledge of relatively rare problems like this one.

        IMHO, for a doctor to recommend lubrication, only, as an alternative, does not understand the serious nature of the situation, or he’s simply not interested, or he’s too busy to get involved or make a referral.

        Good luck. I can tell you are a sensitive and loving partner.

  17. Michael says:

    Hi your blog has been very encouraging for me as i need to have a similar procedure and am very concerned.

    I am particularly worried about the cosmetics afterwards and the possibility of ‘dog ears’ following a dorsal slit – wether this is pro-circ propoganda or not I’m not sure.

    Im interested int he exact incision places the surgeon used i.e link A or B:-



    was the incision performed with the foreskin held down or pulled up and cut with surgeons scissors. Also…was it a ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ plasty.
    Did they do the top (preputioplasty) AND the frenulum – was this done via incision/tying or not at all.

    sorry to unload but no-one else seems to be so in depth and im v.worried atm.

    • Hello Michael,

      I understand your concern. No, preputioplasty is different from the dorsal slit, and you should expect no “dog ears.” My procedure had just one incision, right at the top of the penis. I also had the frenulum cut.
      I believe the incision is done while the skin is pulled to cover the head (not to open it), but I may be wrong, because I had general anasthesia. This was regular preputioplasty, not Y or Z.

      • Jack says:

        Hello! Thanks and congratulations on keeping this blog; it is one of the very few patient experience sites on this matter that I came across. Well done!
        I am considering a preputioplasty and frenulumplasty as well and have a question regarding the medium to long term experience with the results. Now that you had the surgery almost done almost three years ago: did you experience any tightening of the foreskin since the operation was performed? The urologist that I have seen in the Netherlands told me that that was a real possibility further down the line after surgery and for that reason he advised me to have a radical circumcision – which is something I would like to avoid at all cost. If any body can reflect on that, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

      • worldlypatriotusaveteran says:

        Re: your urologist’s prediction of failure, and “need” for a total circumcision.

        For what it’s worth, my urologist made the same prediction. He also claimed the “one and only” procedure to consider is a circumcision.

        In my opinion, both recommendations are absurd. Unless your problem is extraordinarily unusual, there is no need for a circumcision.

        Using a common analogy, would you amputate your entire toe if you had a chronic ingrown toenail? Of course not!

        Personally, I’m holding out for preputioplasty. It is a far less invasive procedure. The problem is finding someone who is willing to do it, and has actual experience performing the procedure.

  18. Too says:

    Thank you for this blog. Like many others before me this has been a valuable resource.

    I’m interested in your experience post 150 days. I’m from the UK and many urologists here steer clear of preputioplasty for fear of re-tightening of the foreskin further down the line. I was wondering if you’d had any issues or complications since completing this blog that would lead you to think a circumcision may have been a better/easier option? I can’t say I’m sold on circumcision, but would still consider it against the odds of developing further complications after a P + F.

    Thank you

    • Jack says:

      Hello! I am considering a preputioplasty and frenulumplasty as well and have exactly the same question as you posted: did you experience any tightening of the foreskin in the medium/ long term after the operation was performed? The urologist that I have seen in the Netherlands told me that that was a real possibility further down the line after surgery and for that reason he advised me to have a radical circumcision – which is something I would like to avoid at all cost. If any body can reflect on that, I would be very grateful. Thanks and congratulations on keeping this blog; it’ one of the very few patient experience sites on this matter that I came across. Well done!

  19. TooMuchCoffee says:

    Thank you for this blog. Like many others before me this has been a valuable resource.

    I’m interested in your experience post 150 days. I’m from the UK and many urologists here steer clear of preputioplasty for fear of re-tightening of the foreskin further down the line. I was wondering if you’d had any issues or complications since completing this blog that would lead you to think a circumcision may have been a better/easier option? I can’t say I’m sold on circumcision, but would still consider it against the odds of developing further complications after a P + F.

    Thank you

    [please reply to this post – previous was posted prematurely with notification options unticked and I cannot delete!]

    • TooMuchCoffee says:

      …No reply? =(

    • Frank Smith says:

      TooMuchCoffe – get another opinion until they say something else.
      There will be surgeons in the UK willing to do this – you just got to find one willing to give it a go. The best argument I can give you is that if this does go wrong you can always have a circumcision afterwards – but you can’t do it the other way around.

  20. Andre says:

    Hey bro,
    Congrats on the great outcome!! and thanks for taking the time and patience to write about all this!! Gives me a sense of relieve that there is a way out of all this without loosing my foreskin!!

    Can you share the contact details of your doctor? and where is he located? I might get on a flight just to get the procedure done by this very specific doctor as I want the exact same outcome as yours. Im located in Toronto but willing to travel across the globe to get to this doc. Let me know if you can help me out.


  21. Tony says:

    Hey there. My name is Tony and I have a minor case of phimosis as well as a potential short frenulum. I didn’t know I had this condition till I lost my virginity. My partner was able to perform fellatio on me and the skin would pull back with no problem. But yet latter that night when I tried to masturbate and reenact the pleasure I received from my partner I noticed that my foreskin wouldn’t go any further away than behind the glans. The rest of my inner prepuce couldn’t be exposed like when I got fellatio from my partner whom I wasn’t attracted to. I went to a urologist about it and he gave me the cream and it didn’t work 😦 then he recommend that I get circumcised. But then I showed him about the prepetuiolplasty surgery but he didn’t seem to familiar with the surgery as he looked further more about the procedure on my iPhone and that lead me to not feel so confident in him. I then made an appointment with another who had experience In the operation, and just when my appointment and everything is all set and ready I get myself into a car rec a few days after I scheduled an appointment. So now I have no car to take me to him, and I definitely don’t want to ask my parents to drive me. So I cancelled the appointment. Right now I am frustrated with my condition. Like I said I can expose the head but not the rest of the inner prepuce were I get a lot of pleasure from. I am now still trying the cream and stretching which still isn’t helping. I know a cosmetic surgeon near by me I can probably call but I just wanted to know if they would qualify in fixing this problem?

  22. vito martino says:

    I’m having the same results as those above and can’t find a
    a surgeon in the New York city area.
    Any leads in the USA, Canada or Europe are welcome and appreciated..

  23. anthony torres says:

    Hey where did you get the procedure done ?

  24. Ponty says:

    Dude, really thankful to you for putting up this post, and showing Day 0 to 150 pics. I guess I also have the para-phimosis & short-frenulum. My doc made it sound like it would look really ugly post-op, but looking at your images, it looks just fine.
    Thanks again, and wish you a happy sex life (for-ever) 🙂

  25. Matthew says:

    Hey i am 19 and i seem to have the exact same situation as yours. So i would like to know..
    1.after complete healing, does the pulling the foreskin to the farthest point cause any discomfort at all? the appearance aesthetic to your satisfaction?
    3.and off topic.. I have a curved penis too.. It curves downwards like a banana. So basically when erect it would look like an engorged penis pointing down.. I am kinda insecure about this. Does it affect sexual activities?

  26. Larry says:

    Thank you, So very much for taking the time to share your experience. Having a problem with one’s Junk is a lonely place to be, I am a 60 year old man and have been having this problem for over a year now, the ring just seems to be getting smaller all the time, before I ran into the information that you shared I thought that circumcision was my only option, I was even considering cutting the ring myself to avoid having to have a circumcision. I mean I have plenty of foreskin, it just seems to be that ring holding the monster back. And the stretching method just seems to make it worse. You have know idea how much your words have helped to put my mind at ease. I am now going to take the next step and find a Doctor that can do this for me. I would like to get a little more play out of the little guy, and starting to run low on time!


  27. Raymond says:

    A quick share on my op. I’m 25, I always had tight foreskin, I’m sexually active, the only issue with the tightness was when the woman’s vaginas too tight, lubricant would sort this. I guess In my mind I just wanted my penis to look normal. I talked to my doctor and reccomended circumcision, I said no as I still wanted my foreskin, (glad i did) He recommended preputioplasty, it sounded good, I asked how it would look cosmetically he said he was very experienced, and would do the best he can. I really recommend talking to your surgeon, because end of the day it’s your penis, you don’t want to let anyone touch it, I was recommended to my surgeon by everyone I spoke to. I waited a year and a half, was worth it. Day came I wasn’t nervous I just wanted it done, put me to sleep, woke up with bandage on my penis, didn’t feel no pain, got up to urinate in 10 mins After. I wanted to go home straight away I left 30 mins after, I discharged myself with company of course. On the notes, no shower 2 days, no no sex 2 weeks. She crossed out 4 – 2 weeks, she should of stuck to 4 because I had sex exactly 2 weeks after first time was good but second time ended up with a condom full of blood loool, I weren’t in no pain wen I got home, 2days later I removed bandage, penis looed same except had a lil missing from top, it actually looked better then before, but the feeling inside I had something missing, that feeling went. Urinating was a lil wiered piss was flying everywhere, that’s was for a week. I then had my first wank, first time I see my penis Erect, I had a very big smile I was very very happy with result, how it looked, how it felt wen I mastabated the gliding motion, it was like a new sensation, looked like penis from porn. 6 weeks have gone since then best thing I have done, it’s helped look normal , and feel 10 x better during sex and masturbation. I just recommend getting a good surgeon, even if u gotta pay for it. I could of had mine done straight away, but I waited a year and half to get the best, well worth it

  28. bhanu says:

    sir, i have a same problem. whether this problem of tight skin affect sexual life if we dont undergo surgery, plz reply me

    • bhanu, when I had the tight skin it affected my sex life only to a certain degree. I would say the major reason why I had the procedure was my own personal comfort.

      • Alejandro says:

        Where did you do it? I can’t find a surgeon that can do Preputioplasty anywhere! Any help I would really appreciate. dodo52 @ hotmail

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for this blog.
    Do you happen to remember (since more than 3 years have passed) how your frenulotomy was performed, I mean was it a single horizontal cut, a Y or Z?

  30. Dan says:

    Can you tell me what the diagnosis was? Was it Lichen Sclerosus? Or… something else?

    How are you doing now some years after the procedure?

  31. c says:

    This info is really helping me a lot. i have the same problem of a tight foreskin. ….you mentioned that your doctor is in Louisiana . could you pleaese give me the name of your doctor ? and where in Louisiana? … i live not far from Toronto and will be more than willing to make the trip.

  32. China says:

    Hello and thanks for the blog, It helped to identify and find solution to my problem prior to meeting medical staff in a foreign country with language and cultural barrier.

    On the outside my condition appears to be similar to ones mentioned here (BXO/lichen sclerosus). However I have not had noticeably tight foreskin in the past, and somehow acquired a small (couple of millimeters long) cut in the foreskin in the spring 2016. Being married and baby in the works, there was no time to worry about it or let it heal. There was very little bleeding every time after sex.

    Later when my wife got pregnant, maternity doctor adviced us to lay off sex for a few months, and during this time (about 3 months) it appeared that the wound in my foreskin got to heal nicely, but with side effect of tightening the foreskin and causing phimosis.

    It may be chicken and egg case here though – maybe the starting phimosis caused the original wound, or the healing wound caused phimosis. Regardless, preputioplasty is my first option to treat this.

    Another commenter before asked about getting this done in Asia, and I am actually living in Kunming, China, so I will describe my experiences here.

    Firstly, you may check website below for hospital in China who are better prepared to deal with foreigners:

    I visited “First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University” to confirm the problem and ask what my options are there. I don’t speak Chinese so my Chinese wife did all the talking.

    We had prepared photos of my penis (erect and without) and also some material of the operation that I’m looking for, in case my wife would not be able to describe it to the doctor in words. The doctor had just a brief glance at my penis, and “let me see” prior to that was the only English I heard in the meeting.

    He seemed well familiar with the problem, and understood the concept of preputioplasty, and if I understood my wife’s translations, they had done this before. The doctor also flat out ruled any attempts to treat this with anything else than surgery (no steroid creams or stetching).

    The doctor suggested option of partial circumcision, where I assume about 50% of the top of foreskin, including the tight right, is removed. But I’m going to go with preputioplasty. The doctor also gave names for other hospitals in the city where we could go for second opinion. But we were quite happy with that meeting, and will most likely get it done in that hospital.

    As for the price, the doctor said that if I don’t need room in the hospital post-surgery (he did recommended it, but my living conditions in home are quite good for healing), and there are no complications, the price won’t be much more than 1000 RMB (150 USD), which sounds like a bargain if Chinese medical care in general isn’t a problem. Furthermore, if the condition returns later, it’s not a financial loss to later get full circumcision if needed.

    I’m not permanent resident in China, but am rooted here for foreseeable future. The doctor’s only concern related to this was whether I will be staying in the city long enough post-surgery to follow-up the healing process.

    I’m sure one can get this operation done in Hong Kong or Bangkok, but those residing in mainland China could also look for local options.

    I don’t have exact schedule for my operation yet, but probably in early 2017, beginning of January or after the Chinese New Year. I will leave further comments about how this goes.

    • Sandi says:

      hello, can i email you somewhere, please? i have exactly same problem and i havent found a doctor who would do this. as i am often in asia, i would consider going to china if needed (if the doctor you will visit can do it well). thank you!

      • China says:

        Hello, follow-up on my case: my condition actually got worse during the winter, and preputioplasty no longer seemed like viable option. Also second opinion from head of the urology department in the hospital suggested to get full circumsion, and I’m scheduled for that tomorrow.

        So I cannot give evaluation of how they would have performed with preputioplasty.

  33. Shriram Tyagrajan says:

    I has dorsal slit 10 days back. The swelling has gone. But the V Shape cut is still healing. Also, the inner area is always wet due to urine and is taking time to heal. Can you tell me how much time it took for your cut to heal?

  34. Bas says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It was a motivator for me to have a Preputioplasty also – Unfortunately I, like some of the other folk commenting here have not had an easy ride post-op. Over two weeks later and still a lot of swelling and also starting to blister. Your healing process seemed quite straightforward and rather quick, I’m just wondering did you use anything or do anything in particular to help speed it along?

  35. Sandi says:

    hi Bas, congratulations! i am still hesitating. the reason for this is that i am not sure if preputioplasty will later result in new phimosis. i talked to the doctor on the phone again and he said that sometimes (in 15% of cases) after preputioplasty phimosis can re-occur!!! i asked him why??? his answer was that it can happen because of scaring. i asked how come and he said its because scars on your penis’ skin would heal differently than skin on your arms for example – the reason for this is because skin on penis (which will get cut) has no underlaying tissue. this is the reason why healing process will take 6 months and in these 6 months condition could come back. i forgot to ask if i should be doing streching for those 6 months (maybe that would help?!). on the other hand i read many websites which say that you can achieve same result with stretching (somehow i dont believe it) and now i am not sure anymore. Bas, can you tell me what happened in your case? how is it? if you could please email me, i would really appreciate it. thank you and good luck to all of you (us 🙂

    • Bas says:

      Hi Sandi,

      I don’t have a specific email set up for this and I’d prefer not to use my personal one, sorry. I still have a lot of swelling of foreskin underneath penis and blisters/wart-like things around the top area where incision was made. On top of this, because of the swelling/blistering I could only do minimal stretching for the first two-weeks and now that I can stretch somewhat, it’s a little uncomfortable and I’m beginning to doubt the success of my procedure.

      I’m trying (somewhat in vain) to stay optimistic for now but I won’t be surprised if I’m getting circumcised in the new year. Regarding your message, I don’t know why you can’t see any of my blog posts as I’ve posted quite a few and there’s a lot more detail about the last few weeks (post-op) in there… If you want to know anything else specifically, let me know. From what I’ve seen online, most people have found the preputioplasty to work fine (this blog for example!), but I think I may be in the small % of unlucky ones! Best of luck with your procedure. Don’t worry about the actual op or post-procedure pain as overall, it’s not really that bad (in my experience anyway). Let us know how you get on 🙂

  36. Sandi says:

    Bas, am I looking at the right website:

    I only see initial text, no posts and no images, just this:

    Hello, and welcome!

    This blog discusses one man’s experience after having a Preputioplasty (i.e. a procedure that aims to relieve a tight foreskin).

    Disclaimer: There will be a number of graphic images used to show the penis/foreskin post-surgery.

  37. Sandi says:

    I found a blog post. You should have displayed it on home page – I doubt other people can find it. So Bas, when I look at the photo you posted are you sure you had preputioplasty done? To me it looks like you have stiches all around. Maybe they performed circumcision?

    I was looking at this pic

    Its been 11 days since your last post, please keep us updated! Are there any changes? What happened? Thank you very much for sharing!

  38. Sandi says:

    I did my best to put together some info for people who have this condition. If you could be so kind to put a link to my website somewhere in sidebar, I would be very happy (If I spam your comments that is not right thing to do). If you don’t want to, its ok, I understand. Thank you!

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