Day +150, Final Result

Some of you asked me to post pictures of the final result. I gladly do so in this post. I should note though that I’ve been the same for the last two months at least, so the look you see now was achieved very fast. So, here is the post with BEFORE/AFTER pictures. Flaccid…

… and erect (for comparison):

On erect pictures I tried to pull my foreskin as far back as possible. Also, I would like to remind everyone that I am naturally strongly curved down. This has nothing to do with the tight foreskin. Overall, I am very satisfied with the result. I guess the main thing is the fact that I do not think about my foreskin anymore. Sex is back to being very enjoyable the way it was before problems with the foreskin started. I wish good luck to everyone who decided to do the procedure. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have and would also like to hear your story! Thank you for reading the blog.