Day + 90, Costs

I know that somewhere at the beginning of this blog I promised to post information about the costs of the procedure. Here is what I paid (roughly) OUT OF POCKET and I do have insurance that covered the rest (90%).

Dr. Baum’s services (including all visits) – roughly $300.

Anesthesia – $340.

Hospital charges – $850.

So we are talking about $1,500, on average.

3 thoughts on “Day + 90, Costs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any more info would be great. Can’t find a surgeon to do this procedure.

    • preputioplasty says:

      What kind of information are you looking for? If you read my blog, you will see that finding a surgeo was NOT an easy task for me either. I found just one in my (urban!) area.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had problems finding one too. I went to a couple or urologists and they told me circumcision is the only option. I asked about this procedure and the doctor told me preputioplasty is another word for circumcision.

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