Day + 27, First Sex

Today was my first sex after preputioplasty. I should say that it felt great. To make a long story short, all the feelings are as if I am one year ago, before the tightening of the foreskin started.

36 thoughts on “Day + 27, First Sex

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey man – thanks for this blog. I am also thinking of having this procedure and was looking for patient’s direct experience with this procedure for last week and half.

    Again, thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been suffering from phimosis as well, but the two urologist I went said circumcision was my only option. Where can I have this procedure done. I live in Canada and can’t find a surgeon who will perform this type of procedure.

  2. preputioplasty says:

    You are welcome! This is exactly the reason why I started this blog. Several months ago I was the one who was looking for any information on the procedure.

    • Matthew says:

      Hello, your blog seems very helpful, i’m glad your procedure went well! i have phimosis and i am nearly 17, the doctor i went to said that i could choose either circumcision or preputioplasty. The only thing i’m worried about for having the preutioplasty operation, is that it will leave behind unattractive scars that are noticeable and ugly, did you experience this problem as well? if so did it take long for the scarring to go?

  3. Doug says:

    Hello ,It is an amazing coincidence to have come across your blog,as i had almost exactly the same operation 25 years ago.I have never heard of anyone else having this type of operation.In my case the doctor called it a “palliative circumcision”.It was certainly looser than yours ,but I have been very happy with the result.I would like to correspond directly with you re this ,recounting my history,if you’d be interested,Cheers,I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. doug says:

    Hi,Thanks for the invitation.Like you I am just an ordinary bloke,who happened to have a problem with his foreskin and who did not want to be circumcised.My foreskin was long ,and loose,but it always stayed completely covering the glans,even during an erection.This meant that sex was not so good as it might be,especially for partners,as there was no contact between the glans and the vagina,the foreskin just slid around.I of course assumed that this was “normal”.
    I was always surprised by the statement in books that ,when erect ,there was no difference between a circumcised and an uncircumcised penis ;there certainly was in my case.
    I married in my early 20’s and about this time my formerly very loose foreskin started to tighten,around the overhang or tip..I went to a doctor who referred my to a urologist,who said that i had developed phimosis and that it would continue to tighten and I would eventually have no opening,or I would get paraphimosis,where the foreskin gets stuck behind the glans and in effect ,”strangle” it.
    This was in 1986,when there was no web etc and it was very hard to get any information about such things.WE talked a bit about it and I asked about stretching etc .creams[the cortisone type ones now used did not exist then.He said to have a think and talk to my wife etc.
    My wife wasn’t happy with the idea,but we couldn’t think of an alternative.I asked my father who was also uncircumcised,who said ,I should follow the doctor’s advice.
    I reluctantly went back to the doctor and agreed to be circumcised.He said that i wouldn’t be unhappy with the results of the operation, sex would be better and that he had a special operation.I didn’t ask about this as i knew what circumcision involved since my younger brothers were circumcised.
    Like you I had a general anaesthetic,but stayed overnight.
    In the morning the nurse asked if I’d had a look at it yet,I said no,she said you should you have to get used to it .I had just a light wrapping of gauze,which she lifted off;all i saw was what i though to be a mess.Later in the morning when the doctor came,he had a look and poked around a bit and asked how I was etc etc.During this I noticed the despite the “mess” ,my foreskin was some how “re-arranged” and held back behind the glans.Before I left ,shortly after I had a good look and poke around and realised that I hadn’t been circumcised,ie that the foreskin hadn’t actually been removed ,but something else had happened.
    Things healed well and quickly and I had virtually no pain.
    I had to see the doctor in a week,after his examination ,I asked what had he actually done and why,as i knew I had not been circumcised,certainly not like my brothers.What he retailed to me ,was a description ,virtually identical to your operation ,except,the dorsal slit was longer and where the two slits were made on the shaft,a little bit of the surface skin had been removed.I had also had my frenulum totally removed.In response to my ,Why,he said it healed better and faster .there was less blood and pain and the foreskin would ,after a while roll forward ,partially covering the glans to give it protection.Whilst i was very happy overall with this,I was worried that I’d get phimosis again when the skin rolled forward.He said that this was not possible as the opening was now very large and since the foreskin healed behind the glans ,the slit wouldn’t shrink or tighten during healing.
    All happened as he said ad after about a month or so,when the swelling had gone down,my now very much shorter and looser foreskin slid forth over the corona.
    I have less coverage than you ,probably about 2/3 rds. when “normal,’during relaxation the foreskin goes back off the glans of its own account and during sex slides right down on the shaft .Our first sex was a “revelation” and has stayed wonderful ever since.
    On e advantage you also mentionned was that one doesn’t have to pull back the foreskin to pee and this keeps the head cleaner, drier and with virtually no odor..
    I have been very happy with the result.You wrote that you’d like your foreskin looser,this needs a bigger dorsal slit and this takes longer to heal without the “cleft” in the foreskin,which you mentionned.
    If you want anything further,just ask .

    • Anonymous says:

      Both cases sound identical to what i am currently experiencing. I went and seen my GP today who has referred me to Urology and recommened preputioplasty and frenularplasty. I’ve read a couple of horror stories on the internet so I’m a little apprehensive. My foreskin retracts when flaccid but not when erect and i have the hard white band you both describe as phinosis. So the pain is not as bad as you would expect? How long is the healing process? And are you both entirely satisfied with results? I’m nervous that i may lose all sensitivity more than anything..

      • preputioplasty says:

        What kind of horror stories did you hear about???!!! I am really surprised! There was virtually no pain after the procedure in my case. You can read more in posts “Day 0”, “Day +1” and “Day +4” about pain.
        I am back to having normal sexual activity on day +27.
        I was somewhat nervous about losing sensitivity. However, there is NO change in sensitivity in my case. Plus, the unpleasant feeling of the tight foreskin in gone.

    • anthony torres says:

      Hey man just want to know where you got the procedure done please help thanks

  5. doug. says:

    Hi anonymous,It is not a big deal.If you’ve got something not working properly,just fix it.Not much if any pain and everything now owrks well,with as little interference as possible.Preputioplasty is right in what he says,in my view.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the replies. As i say, losing sensitivity is my main worry as ive read a few stories. A couple of other stories said that the foreskin was still not retractable after surgery. Do either of you have any scarring? And does it still look cosmetically pleasing? I’m tempted to ask if he can perform the double incision for a better final appearance.

      • preputioplasty says:

        I guess it was not clear from my first reply, but I am the owner of this blog. So, you can see my pictures here. I am still just one month after the procedure and will keep you updated about any changes.

      • No change in sensitivity AT ALL! And actually, the one incision place has evened out (see my “Final result” pictures).

  6. James says:

    Hey there, I have tight forskin and have had it all my life. I have always been worried and embrassed about it. I was wondering how hard was it to go though this whole surgery? From the point you thought it was a problem to the results. Are you very happy with the results? Is sex more pleasurable with your head fully exposed? As i have never been able to retract my forskin when im erect! Thanks for your extremely helpful blog!

    • preputioplasty says:

      The surgery was not a big deal at all. I could retract my foreskin before the procedure, so I cannot tell you if it is going to be very much different for you, but I think it will. In my case, sex became unpleasant and even painful at some point. After the procedure it feels the way it had felt before I started noticing the tightening of the foreskin.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When you had this surgery done, were you able to go back to work the next day?

  8. jas says:

    hi there, i am going through the extact same process
    initials i was though to have bxo but was soon realised otherwise.
    I wanted to ask you, some people feel having the preputioplasty makes you foreskin look like “dog ears” to which i do not understand? could you please explain it? where am i suppose to look on the your op pictures to see the relation to dog ears??
    Also could you explained what the preputioplasty has acutaually done, e.g less tension on the dorsal went retracting/wider??

    • preputioplasty says:

      A lot of people confuse preputioplasty and a dorsal slit. The latter does make your foreskin look like dog ears. Here is an example:
      Preputioplasty is less invasive and the comsetic result is better, especially if you have two incisions instead of one. I had just one incision but am still satisfied with the result. You still can see where the incision was made from my pictures here.
      As per your second question, the result of the procedure is that the foresking becomes wider and slightly shorter. Preputioplasty treats narrow/tight foreskin by making an incision and thus widening it.

      • jas says:

        i really appreciate your feedback and time, i actually saw the hospital today and have booked both procedures. Would you be able to tell me the pron/cons of having 1/2 slit to the preputioplasty or is it just the cometic look?

      • preputioplasty says:

        I am no doctor, so I cannot tell you. Studies show a slightly better cosmetic result of two incisions. I would think that if two incisions are made instead of one, the resulting foreskin is wider, given the same size of incisions, but I may be wrong. This is definately one of the questions to ask your doctor. My doctor told me that he only performs one type of preputioplasty and that he wouldn’t want experimenting on me.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have also gone ahead and booked both procedures for the 30th of August, however, i start my new job on 3rd Sept.. How much pain or interference will i experience from your experience?

      • preputioplasty says:

        I had no pain at all. And unless your job requires substantial physical activity, you should be just fine. For details, read my posts “Day 0”, “Day +1” and “Day +4”.

      • Chris says:

        Hi, I was wondering where you had the surgery done? Is it in Canada? What is the name of the doctor? What would be the total cost if you have no insurance? Thanks a lot. Chris

      • Louisiana, USA. See my posts about costs.

  9. anthony torres says:

    Hey man where did you get this done at

  10. Kyle says:

    what hospital or doctor’s clinic did you get this done at?

  11. vivek says:

    I have got frenuloplasty done but the foreskin is not removed. There is no problem in flaccid state but a bit pain in erect position as some foreskin to retrect back.

  12. Anonymous England says:

    hey man thanks for the blog, had the operation myself about 17 days ago, still a little tender, and healing at the moment. and stitches still not dissolved. rolls back fine when flacid which is good, but have tried pulling foreskin back when erect a couple times, and its still a little tight going over the bellend, will things loosen up once its all completely healed?
    Hope to hear from you soon! thanks

  13. LisaE says:

    Which physician performed the surgery

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