Day +4

There hasn’t been much change. No pain either. No bleeding or any other problems. I believe the healing process is heading the right direction but slowly.

Spontaneous erections have not been a problem, either. I read that they are painful after circumcisions. At the same time, I feel no pain when erected.

I found conflicting information about whether warm baths are acceptable after surgery. Some say they are preferred to showers, others say they can cause bleeding. I love warm baths, so today I decided to give it a try. No bleeding, no change. I am still very careful when washing my penis, especially close to the sutures. Fortunately, I still have the special soap that I had to apply before the procedure to minimize the risk of infection. I use it.

I usually have a high sex drive, so it has been hard to last this long without an ejaculation. So, today I masturbated for the first time. Very carefully, almost without touching the sutures. The fact that I haven’t ejaculated for four days helped a lot and made the whole process quick.

3 thoughts on “Day +4

  1. No Circ is WholeSon! says:

    It is great that you had the choice of your circumcision. Sadly, for infants, that is not so. They simply get their genitals mutilated. Adult consenting surgery is your personal choice. I am glad you had the chance to choose.

  2. Scot says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing your experience online. My phimosis is caused by a thick underside foreskin. The topside is much thinner. I wonder if preputioplasty may help my condition. HL

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