Day +26

Today was my second, and last, post-op visit to Dr. Baum. The healing is going great. More importantly, finally I can have sex! The procedure definitely made my foreskin wider. I guess I would like it to be even more loose, but if I had had it the way it is now all the way, I would have never guessed that anything was actually wrong with me. So far, so good.

Day +12

Here is an update on my situation. The healing process, I guess, goes as planned. The sutures started dissolving. Today’s pictures look scary, and even scarier than the pictures I posted right after the procedure, but I am sure that this will pass and my penis will look prettier. I don’t have any pain and have no bleeding. I can masturbate okay.

I should say that at this point I roughly imagine what my foreskin is going to be like after it completely heals. It is definitely not as tight as it used to be. The opening is now wide enough that I can even pee without pulling the foreskin back. At the same time, I would like it to be even looser. Also, my frenulum was cut somewhat but not completely. I saw pictures of penises where it is removed entirely. I would like to have that.

Day +4

There hasn’t been much change. No pain either. No bleeding or any other problems. I believe the healing process is heading the right direction but slowly.

Spontaneous erections have not been a problem, either. I read that they are painful after circumcisions. At the same time, I feel no pain when erected.

I found conflicting information about whether warm baths are acceptable after surgery. Some say they are preferred to showers, others say they can cause bleeding. I love warm baths, so today I decided to give it a try. No bleeding, no change. I am still very careful when washing my penis, especially close to the sutures. Fortunately, I still have the special soap that I had to apply before the procedure to minimize the risk of infection. I use it.

I usually have a high sex drive, so it has been hard to last this long without an ejaculation. So, today I masturbated for the first time. Very carefully, almost without touching the sutures. The fact that I haven’t ejaculated for four days helped a lot and made the whole process quick.