Day +1, Dressing Removal

Twenty four hours passed since the procedure. The last night did not cause any major problems. On the zero-to-ten scale, my pain level went up to around three in the evening, so I decided to take my first pill of pain killers. I am not sure if that was the actual pain or discomfort caused by the fact that I had to put ice on my penis for the night. Anyway, I was asleep twenty minutes later and woke up today pain-free. I did not need any pain killers throughout the day.

Today I got to remove the dressing from the penis. It was a bit scary to do it by myself, but I was eager to see the result. I found that Dr. Baum made one dorsal incision (as planned) and cut my frenulum. Due to the single cut, I see a slight cleft at the top. At the same time, I realize that this is too early to judge the final result. The frenulum area is still bleeding somewhat but this is no more than a couple of drops an hour. Again, no pain. I urinate with no problems as well, with no change in the feeling. Here are the pictures of day 1:

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