Day 0, The Day of Procedure

Today was the big day — I had preputioplasty and frenulotomy done. From the time I arrived to the Center to the time I was dispatched, less than two and a half hours passed. I went through a standard routine of paperwork and pre-op procedures such as changing clothes, emptying my bladder, and IV. The procedure was done under a general anesthesia and took less than one hour. So, when I woke up everything already had happened. My penis is still covered in dressing, so there isn’t much to see. There is a hole at the top of the bandage so that I can pee. Surprisingly, peeing is not painful. I get to wear the dressing for 24 hours.

On the zero-to-ten scale for pain, I am between zero and one. I don’t even take my pain medicine. So far, there has been no need for that. Doctors instructed me to put ice on my penis every hour for 20 minutes, and then for the whole night tonight to reduce possible swelling.

…Curious to see what’s inside.

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