Day -2

Today Dr. Baum called me with answers to my questions. He only performs preputioplasty with one dorsal incision. I guess this is my second best option because studies show that two incisions leave a slightly better cosmetic result and avoid a cleft in the foreskin on the top of the penis. I also wonder if two incisions make the foreskin wider than one incision. He gave me no reply to my question about BXO. I am still going to stick with the plan.

At the same time, I find more sources that say preputioplasty is not an option if BXO is present because the continuing inflammatory process results in recurrent stenosis of the preputial orifice. I am still going to try preputioplasty for two reasons. If I do have BXO indeed, it is of the slightest form (my penis is not nearly as scary as some penises on pictures of BXO). Also, I can always undergo circumcision if preputioplasty does not help, but not vice versa.

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