Day -4, BXO

Today I think I found the answer to my question about the link between white patches and tight foreskin (see the very first post of this blog here). Lichen sclerosus. Thought to be the most common cause of phimosis, lichen sclerosus is a dermatological condition manifesting as white patches on the foreskin and glans; often a hard, white ring of tissue develops, which may prevent retraction. What causes lichen sclerosus is not certain, although theories range from bacterial or viral infection (especially with HPV – human papilloma virus) to autoimmune diseases. Lichen sclerosus is also called balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO).

Here are more links to information about BXO:

I guess it is good that I found some explanation to my problem. Also, it seems like this finding does not change my treatment as most studies recommend circumcision/preputioplasty for BXO. Except for this study:

I also see different techniques describing preputioplasty in different sources. Some recommend one incision, others recommend two or more.

Definitely now I have more questions to ask Dr. Baum.

I am still puzzled why it is I who searches for answers and then presents them to doctors, and not vice versa.

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