Second Visit to Dr. Prats and What I Think About Doctors

Today was my second visit to Dr. Prats. I had printouts from Wikipedia and scientific journals about preputioplasty with me. Still, that was another five minute meeting. I asked Dr. Prats what he thinks about preputioplasty. From his expression (What?!), I could tell that was the first time he heard of it. Without even looking at the studies, he told me that for him it is ‘an excuse to charge more money’ and that he does not believe in preputioplasty (he could not repeat the word, of course, since he had never heard it before). End of conversation.

…Wait a minute. You either don’t know what it is and therefore have no opinion, or you know what it is and disapprove.

Doctors are scientists. I am a scientist myself. The are supposed to know research related to their area of expertise. They are supposed to be on a constant watch for new treatments and methods. I understand that it is impossible for them to know everything. But then at least they shouldn’t be blind to new knowledge and in no way should they ignore it in front of their patients. They may get themselves familiar with it and disapprove or not use in their practice. But they should not ignore it!

A lot of medical problems stem from the fact that people are afraid to share their concerns with anyone, sometimes including doctors. This is especially common in urology. ‘Don’t be ashamed. Talk to your doctor’ seems to be the most common piece of advice everywhere. No matter what a medical condition is, every source recommends first consulting with a doctor. Doctors seem to be like angels that help people in most desperate situations, they are remedies to most complicated conditions, and solutions to seemingly unresolvable problems. They are viewed by many patients as the last resort and the last hope. Doctors always care about their patients, doctors always think about them, doctors always understand their problems, and constantly try to do the best to help them. You may be afraid to tell your family about your delicate problem, your friends may be indifferent, but doctors will always understand.  I am pretty sure that in the vast majority of cases doctors are indeed like that. We all share so much respect to them and are so much thankful for everything they have done.

But then it hurts even more when you realize that this particular doctor turned out to be ignorant to your problem. This particular doctor made you feel stupid when you were most vulnerable. This particular doctor showed that your delicate problem is unimportant to him. This happened to me with Dr. Prats. I understand that he treats patients with terminal illnesses on a daily basis. I know that people are in constant urgent need of his help. These are people who have problems with urinating, pain, urinary tract infections, prostate cancers and erectile dysfunctions. Compared to their problems, my problem seems unimportant. But it is important to me!

I was brave enough to come, to talk about my symptoms to at least five people of his staff, and to drop my pants in front of him. I have been searching on-line for days to see my options (this is part of his job, actually). And all that so that he can tell me, ‘I don’t believe in per..put…whatever it is’? Preputioplasty is not a god to believe in it. Can you tell me why? Why exactly do you disagree with these studies? Why do you think I brought these printouts to you? I may be one thousand times wrong about preputioplasty but I do deserve an explanation why you think so!

At least Dr. Prats openly told me that he does not perform the procedure and he only performs full circumcisions and frenulotomies. I guess that was the real reason why the conversation was so short. It is simply easier to stick with what you know.

I changed my mind about having frenulotomy with Dr. Prats, cancelled, and left the office.

One thought on “Second Visit to Dr. Prats and What I Think About Doctors

  1. worldlypatriotusaveteran says:

    Incredible behavior by a medical doctor! But, it’s more common than we realize.

    My doctor gave me two options. Option #1: Cease frequent and/or lengthy intercourse, which causes the cuts. Option #2: Circumcision.

    I decided on Option #3…….never return to that doctor, and search for other options, on my own, without his assistance.

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