First Visit to Dr. Prats

Today was my first visit with the urologist, Dr. Prats. Another “Hello.-How may I help you?-Drop your pants for me, please.-I see.”-kinda visit. The whole visit took no longer than 5-7 minutes. The doctor at least told me that my condition is not serious as long as I can open the head of the penis. Then he told me that no cream can help me. That was good to know since I just finished treating myself for two months with the cream his office prescribed! He also told me that I have three options: to live with it the way it is, to have a full circumcision, or to have a frenulotomy (a procedure when a doctor cuts the frenulum of the penis). His personal opinion was that my problem is caused by a tight frenulum, and that cutting it would help a lot. I do have a short frenulum, that’s true. But I’ve had it that way all my life. Yet, until recently, I had no problems with retracting my foreskin. Also, I do not notice any change with the frenulum itself.

Dr. Prats scheduled a frenulotomy at the end of February. Frenulotomy is an outpatient procedure. He reassured me that I will be able to go home just hours after the procedure.

So, what do I feel now? I do trust his medical expertise, and I am pretty sure he will do a wonderful job with the frenulotomy. I just don’t feel like there is anything wrong with my frenulum. A completely different part of the foreskin bothers me and hurts when stretching (more on top than on the bottom of it). Also, the frenulum is the most sensitive part of my penis (in a good way). I am puzzled.