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I am a normal guy, and there is nothing really special about me. I also have a problem that is common to thousands of guys. I have a tight foreskin. Unfortunately, I found little to no information about the problem on the Internet. I couldn’t find a single web page/blog that would describe someone’s personal experience about the issue. So, I decided to start this blog in the hope that it may help someone out there in a similar situation.

I am uncut and up until recently I had no problems with my foreskin and liked the way I am. I am sexually active, and my foreskin definitely adds to the pleasure I get during sex. Even though my frenulum on the penis has always been short (and I have been aware of that), I had no problems retracting my foreskin to fully open the head of the penis.

Foreskin is supposed to stretch easily, and it has been the case with me. Over the past year, however, I noticed that a defined ring of foreskin has become increasingly tighter and lost its elasticity. Finally, I reached the point when it became uncomfortable and at times even painful to have sex or to retract it when peeing.

I do not have a picture of my penis more than a year ago, before I started noticing any change, but I guess you can imagine what an uncut guy looks like. Here are pictures of me today. Flaccid…

…and erect (for comparison):

Notice the tight ring of foreskin that I can pull back no further than the head of my penis when I am erect. The ring can become so tight that some of my foreskin can get trapped inside (see the last picture). Even though I am white, my penis has always been somewhat dark. Much darker than the skin on any other part of my body, that is. I know it is normal but I also noticed that the very same ring of foreskin that is now tight has become lighter at the same time. You can easily see patches of lighter skin on pictures above. They were not there one year ago; the colors were pretty much smooth (evenly dark). At this point I don’t know if lightening of the foreskin has anything to do with it becoming tighter. I searched on-line and found that some guys have similar symptoms.

Notice that I am naturally curved down. This is caused by neither my tight foreskin, nor my short frenulum. Again, I know it is normal, and have no problems with that.

If this problem is similar to yours or you have similar symptoms,

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2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. […] about the link between white patches and tight foreskin (see the very first post of this blog here). Lichen sclerosus. Thought to be the most common cause of phimosis, lichen sclerosus is a […]

  2. I realize this is a few years old, and hopefully you have solved your problem by now. But in case not, here is a link to some info: True Phimosis:

    True phimosis is when a post-pubescent man is unable to retract his foreskin or becomes unable to retract his foreskin and he feels discomfort during sexual activity. A small percentage of men (and women) have prepuces that never retract. This can be a normal variation, so long as it does not impede sexual activity. If it does impede sexual activity then a man should seek conservative treatment. 90% of men with this rare condition can correct the problem with the application of a steroidal cream and stretching exercises. The steroidal cream mimics the effects of puberty hormones and allows the skin to become more elastic. A man usually applies the cream several times a day and uses manual stretching exercises while he showers. Men should be wary of any doctor who recommends circumcision prior to trying a more conservative treatment.
    The above is a quote from this page: http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/phony-phimosis-diagnosis.html
    I have also seen some rings you can buy, that are several graduated sizes, that you can use to stretch your foreskin.

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